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We find that social businesses make for pretty inspiring reading. How about you?

In the last year, we partnered with Upaya Social Ventures to launch a social business accelerator and created the world’s first social-business Coursera course. Keep up with the latest here.

Five years of social business: Anniversary Report And 2021 Annual Report

Our 2021 Annual report - 13 social businesses, 8+ million lives and five years of impact-first investing at Yunus Social Business Fund Bengaluru

Yunus Social Business Fund Bengaluru announces investment in Desi Hangover

Desi Hangover is a Mumbai-based social enterprise creating sustainable footwear using an age-old vegetable tanning process while creating better livelihoods for leatherwork artisans.

NSRCEL and YSBFB partner for a Rural Entrepreneurship Incubation program

While NSRCEL is leading the incubation program, YSBFB will facilitate modules on investment readiness, working capital management, and exposure to different forms of funding, including an opportunity for two ventures to raise debt from the fund

YSB and Upaya launch the Dignified Jobs Accelerator Program 2023

The program will help early-stage entrepreneurs build businesses focused on creating quality jobs for those in extreme poverty in India.

IKEA Foundation and Yunus Social Business launch the Enterprise Support Landscape Study series

Yunus Social Business and Upaya Social Ventures Join Forces

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YSB Launches Coursera Courses: Education For A World of Three Zeroes

Social business should be a problem-solving pursuit