Our Story

We leverage our expertise in social business to help corporations transform into a force for good.

Our story started over 30 years ago, in a small village in Bangladesh which became a beacon of inspiration for the world.

Our roots in a better kind of business

In 1983, Prof. Muhammad Yunus founded theGrameen Bank, beginning a microfinance revolutionwhich in 2006 earned him one of humanity’s mostprestigious awards, theNobel Peace Prize.

Grameen grew from a microcredit bank into a groupof enterprises created with the specific intention ofsolving human problems. These embodied the firstcases of a new, emerging model: social business.

Our history

Yunus Social Business was founded in Germany in 2011 by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Saskia Bruysten and Sophie Eisemann to expand on the success of social business from Bangladesh and ignite it around the world.

Around the same time, corporations began to come to us, excited by the value of social business. We began working with corporations that were inspired to integrate social business into their business model - creating the first corporate social businesses.

Yunus Corporate today

Yunus Corporate uses social business as a catalyst for purpose-driven transformation. Over the last ten years, we have guided multinationals including SAP, Danone, Vodafone and IKEA. Using our tested method, we help corporations to apply their core competencies to some of the greatest human challenges.

Starting with social-business entrepreneurs

Global corporations have the power to multiply the impact of social businesses. And social businesses, for their part, have deep experience in harnessing business tools to tackle big challenges like poverty and the climate crisis. We beleive both sides have something to learn from each other.

Our partnerships with corporations are built on ten years of our sister org Yunus Funds funding and supporting social-business entrepreneurs across East Africa, Latin America and India, which to date have impacted the lives of 13 million people.

Discover our unique approach to purpose transformation.