Venture-building for impact

Create social-business solutions as inspiring beacons of change.

Why build a corporate social business?

Want to create a business solution for a social or environmental problem? Want to move beyond CSR and explore how your core business can contribute to social or environmental challenges? Want to support your company in becoming truly purpose-driven and fast-track its transformation?

Corporate social businesses serve as R&D labs for impact. They showcase how your company can use its resources to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time. And because of that, they have a massive effect on the transformation journey and long-term strategy of your company. This impact-first approach excites your coworkers about the purpose of your company in entirely new ways. It creates an authentic example of how your organization can contribute to people, planet, and society. And it serves as a beacon of change that everyone at your company will want to talk about – and replicate.

How we venture-build with you.

Through our Y-WAY© approach, we leverage world-class excellence in venture-building, and combine it with our decades of experience in delivering impact. We help you to fast-track your social-business approach from idea to implementation through ideation, validation, prototyping, investment readiness, and launch.

Our impact experts help you to identify and understand social or environmental issues that you and your company truly care about. They work with you to co-develop business solutions that bring out the best in you and your company by leveraging resources, assets and expertise. And they create meaningful partnerships with leading organizations to implement your social business on the ground.

The Y-Way©

Grameen and Yunus Social Business have set up over a dozen joint ventures with leading companies over the years to solve a range of issues: From clean drinking water to affordable nutrition, from clean energy to financial services, from plastics recycling to sustainable-income opportunities. In the process, Yunus Social Business has distilled best practices into our venture-building approach: the Y-WAY.

The Y-WAY combines excellence in venture building with impact expertise. It also ensures that your company will reap the transformative benefits of implementing a corporate social business. It empowers you and your key sponsors to drive change inside of the company through leadership readiness. And it prepares your organization to create structural change through corporate fitness.
Venture building
Kick-off/ Ideate
Leadership skills
Corporate fitness
Complement - Excite
Engage - Transform

Case Study: Cofresco (Melitta Group)


Co-creating a plastics-recycling social business in India.

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