Want to bring your corporate purpose to life?

We believe that authentic purpose is the most relevant competitive advantage for companies in this new age of meaning. We support companies to rediscover, reinvent and reinforce their purpose and their relevance.

What our
partners say

“Social business is an incredible breath of innovation. We find new ways to produce our product. We look at the company from a society standpoint – inside out and include the idea of social value creation in strategic planning.”

Emmanuel Faber, Former CEO, Danone

How to apply

What if we thought about business differently? What if a company’s products or services solved massive social or environmental problems? What if the purpose of business was more than just maximizing profits?

We are convinced that companies can make a massive contribution to the major challenges of our time, fight climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are convinced that the scale of our problems requires a scalable solution: a business solution. And we are convinced that once businesses truly experience how they can create impact, they embark on a journey of transformation to become truly purpose-driven.


Our approach is inspired by Danone’s transformation journey. The company’s social busines joint venture with Grameen in 2006 has sparked excitement amongst its leaders and employees to advance its culture and organizational change towards integrating impact and purpose.
Grameen and Danone launch 
joint venture
Prof. Yunus and Franck Riboud launch a Bangladesh-based joint venture to produce an affordable, nutritious yoghurt, distributed by poor women.
Launch of Danone 
With overwhelming support from shareholders and employees, Danone launches the first corporate impact fund to finance social businesses.
Impact bonus and 
Danone changes executive bonuses to be based on impact to one third. It also allows employees to spend 2 to 6 weeks supporting social businesses.
Danone rethinks 
its purpose
Emmanuel Faber announces to rethink Danone’s purpose in the economist and initiates Danone’s certification as a B Corporation.
“Entreprise á mission”
Danone shareholders voted to enshrine the group’s mission into its corporate bylaws, becoming France’s first big listed company to adopt a new legal status recently created by the French government.

Case Study: Cofresco (Melitta Group)


Co-creating a plastics-recycling social business in India.

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Beyond idealism

Discovery our research
In 2019, we embarked on research to understand whether corporate social business, social innovation and social intrapreneurship truly contribute to a company’s transformation.

We found out that 61% of corporate leaders confirmed an effect on culture change and mindset shift. Amongst those companies that implemented a pure social business – a separate business with an impact-first mission – they were 4 times more likely to observe this change.
culture change and mindset shift
culture change and mindset shift

Why companies work with us

Track record

  • 10+ Corporate Social Businesses
  • 30+ accelerator programs
  • Experienced international team
  • Global footprint with capacities to run international and local programs

Unusual approach

  • Based on a decade of expertise with Social Entrepreneurs
  • Innovative Y-WAY© approach
  • Diverse experts and thought leaders
  • Operated by joy

Network access

  • Portfolio of 100+ portfolio & Grameen businesses
  • Alumni network of 2,000+ entrepreneurs
  • Strong Network of other support organizations for social entrepreneurs
  • Well-known brand for social business

Impact first

  • Trusted leader in impact-first ventures
  • Local teams with local expertise
  • Mission-driven to maximize impact

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Learn more about how we work: We organize half-day “Sparkshops” with companies to spark your imagination and explore how your company can engage in social business.