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Farmers Fresh Zone (FFZ)

Farmers Fresh Zone (FFZ)
Agriculture & Livelihoods
8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
10 - Reduced Inequalities

The challenge

Uganda’s grain sub-sector is considered to be one of the most strategic areas for the country’s socio-economic development. Yet, the sector is constrained by inadequate infrastructure such as poor storing facilities and lack of a formal trading system linking buyers and sellers.

The innovation

Acila Enterprises acts as agricultural aggregator, purchasing soybean, sorghum and maize from smallholder farmers, selling it to off-takers. Thus, Acila provides market access to its network of smallholder farmers and enables a stable income. Additionally, the social business supports farmers with improved farm seeds, equipment and training on farming techniques to increase the overall quality of agricultural products.

The impact

A network of more than 9,000 farmers benefits from the aggregation and bulk-selling and sees an increase in their income.  More than 4,300 women and youth have been skilled and empowered.

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