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SMV Greens

SMV Greens
Agriculture & Livelihoods
5 - Gender Equality
8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

The challenge

One in three women in India suffer physical, sexual or emotional violence at home. Only 14 percent sought help and 77 percent have never sought help nor told anyone about the violence they experienced. Domestic violence incidence surged during the COVID-19 crisis, and complaints reached a 10-year high.

The innovation

Samhita provides microfinancing solutions to women in low-income populations providing economic opportunities. Legal-rights-awareness programmes and social-protection camps are set up simultaneously for the same groups of women. These educate women about their legal rights, so that they can better access entitlements, services and benefits.

The impact

Over 70,000 women were trained on laws protecting women against gender discrimination and violence. More than 250 cases of domestic violence have been reported, with Samhita providing appropriate solutions for resolution.

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